About Virtual Assemblies

As performers we LOVE to be in front of a live audience and get that direct connection with your students. Sometimes that is not possible so we can come your students virtually!

Q: How do Virtual Assemblies work?
A: Virtual assemblies are presented online, off-site of school property. The assemblies are broadcast over the Internet. This technology is called live streaming.

Q: Are Virtual Assemblies like a Zoom Meeting?
A: If your only experience with online live streaming is from poorly lit, low resolution Zoom meetings from a cheap webcam you will be surprised at what technology is now being used by many performers to bring their assemblies to you in broadcast quality, Hollywood-style productions! Many of us have completely redesigned our shows to utilize this incredible new technology now available!

Q: What are the new technologies used in Virtual Assemblies?
(Check with your performer to find out what technologies they will be using.)
Broadcast Quality Software: There is now software that duplicates what took hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and broadcast engineers produce. This software allows us to operate like a television studio. We can switch between cameras; add graphics, photos, and sound effects; and cut to previously recorded segments.
Professional Lighting: New inexpensive LED lighting options are available that allow us to add professional studio lighting to our shows that previously would have been beyond the reach of most peformers.
Broadcast Quality Cameras: Instead of a cheap built-in webcam we can now connect a variety of high-quality cameras directly to our computers that allow us to broadcast higher quality video.
Multiple Cameras: We can use multiple cameras to give our audiences a variety of views and perspectives. In an in-person assembly sometimes small details may be missed during a stage performance. Think of all the times you saw a magician do a trick, but wished you could be a little closer. Or you wanted to get a close-up look at those great white shark jaws. Now you can.
Green Screens: Just like your TV weatherman’s background maps and graphics we can use background green screens to add any photos, videos or graphics to our performance. Through virtual assemblies, we can take you diving below the oceans or traveling through outer space.
Exciting Visuals: In live in-school assemblies performers were limited to the number of props and visuals that they could fit in their vans. Now we can incorporate any number of visuals into our shows stored in our computers.
Special Effects: Now we can use our computers to generate special effects that were not possible with our live in-school shows.

All of these technological advances allow us to create an interactive experience that rivals in-person shows. We’ll be happy to perform in-person next year, but virtual assemblies are a pretty incredible alternative.

Q: How can I get your Virtual Assemblies into my school?
A: There are a number ways for your teachers to live-stream into their classrooms directly from the Internet: Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube Live, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, and many more. Your school may have a service they already use or you can ask your performer to suggest a service that they like.

Q: How can my students see your Virtual Assemblies?
A: Any computer connected to the Internet can access the assemblies. Using a projector, a school can project them on screens in a classroom, library, or multi-purpose room or they can be seen on individual computers or tablets.

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