Wildlife Learning Center

Live Animal Presentations

Most principals agree
that our wild animal presentation is the
most educational and exciting assembly of the year!

Wildlife Learning Center: An enthusiatic team of biologists with a passion for wildlife and educating students about it. Their backgrounds include genetics, ecology, conservation biology, behavorial enrichment, and much more. Their goal is to inspire young adults to explore the wonders of natural science through interactive learning.

Description of program: Explore the diversity of nature and see different types of animals from around the world. Learn where each animal is found , the adaptations that allow it to survive in its specific habitat and any interesting facts about how the animal lives. Meet a lynx, a coatimundi, a 35 lb. porcupine, a fennec fox, a giant python, a giant monitor lizard, a giant tortoise, and much more.

Grades: all levels
Other: Special Events Family Fun Nights


Wildlife Learning Center
David Riherd
16027 Yarnell Street
Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone: (818) 362-8711

Email: info@wildlifelearningcenter.com

Web site: www.wildlifelearningcenter.org

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