Barbara G. Wong:

Barbara Wong

Professional Storyteller

"Excellent! One student emphatically yelled ‘I love these stories!’ They all appeared engaged. You did a great job of monitoring the energy and focus of the audience. It fit perfectly with our curriculum. Suggestions for follow-up activities were extremely useful."
Shea Morris, Teacher
Village School, Pacific Palisades, CA

Barbara G. Wong: Barbara began telling stories professionally as an Artist-in-the-Schools for the Hawaii State Department of Education, visiting elementary & middle schools throughout the state. She now shares stories with audiences of all ages in schools, libraries, zoos, museums, and at festivals and other special events.

Now a resident of Los Angeles, Barbara has shared her multicultural tales with family audiences at public libraries throughout southern California; at the Los Angeles Storytelling Festival; Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific; Chinatown Moon Festival and New Year Celebration; and Riverside Museum’s Heritage House.

She has been a guest storyteller on the Emmy award-winning children’s program Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks currently airing on PBS. Her newest work is a family program of bilingual stories called Cuentos del Mundo – Stories of the World told in Spanish and English. Barbara is currently working on producing a CD of Asian ghost stories and supernatural tales called Asian Spooks.

Description of program:
Firecracker Dragon: Tales of Old China
When the Chinese first came to California in 1848 to help build the railroads, they naturally brought their stories with them. These folk tales reflect important aspects of Chinese culture. Although hundreds—even thousands—of years old…they are still being told today!

Cuentos del Mundo – Stories of the World Bilingual program of Latin American tales told in Spanish-English. Excellent for language immersion programs, ESL students, and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Grades: K-8
Instructional Materials Available: Pre- and Post-Visit Resource Sheets with optional writing, reading & classroom re-enactment exercises to further expand the learning potential of the program.
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Barbara Wong
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 559-2248


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