The WOW Workshop
John Abrams

Professional Magician & Entertainer

M, PTA Assembly Coordinator,
Elementary, R, CA

John Abrams: A professional magician, actor, emcee and entertainer.

Description of program:
A Life Skills course cleverly disguised as a Magic Class!
The WOW workshop is an INTERACTIVE Online Magic Workshop that helps children develop some awesome social skills during this time of social distancing. Your students will learn 3 really cool magic tricks with things that they can easily find around the house. Plus, they'll experience 3 MORE magic tricks that'll amaze and enlighten them. But that's not all (ok, kinda salesy), they'll also receive a link to my very own SECRET MAGIC PAGE that has videos of each trick they learned AND a couple of bonus tricks. All wrapped up in a Social Skills assembly. They won't even know they're learning! - WOW!



John Abrams
The WOW Workshop
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