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Greg Trine

Author/Speaker/All-around Funny Guy

"What a great presentation. Many visuals brought the talk to life. The kids loved the evil laugh contest and to be able to play a part from the books. Greg Trine really relates to kids!"
Pam Zirion, 2nd grade teacher
Hawthorne School, CA

Greg Trine: An author of children’s books and young-adult fiction. He is the author of the Melvin Beederman Series and the young-adult novel The Second Base Club. He also recently started a new chapter book series, The Adventures of Jo Schmo, with the books Dinos Are Forever., "Wyatt Burp Rides Again", "Shifty Business", and "Pinkbeard's Revenge.

Sometimes referred to as the Bob Newhart of children's literature, Greg writes books that are humorous without being over-the-top silly, which makes his books not only popular with children, but with parents, teachers, and librarians as well. He's also a popular school presenter.

Description of programs: With plenty of visuals and audience participation, Greg delves into the writing process and the fun of storytelling and writing humorous books for kids. Your students will come away with:
• The importance of writing beyond the first draft
• Where unique characters come from
• Using personal experiences as inspiration for writing their own stories
• And much, much more

A typical school visit is three assemblies and a book signing.

Grades: K-8


Greg Trine
(805) 901-2310


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