Cracking the Study Code

Dr. Ken Kern

Author / Assembly Presenter

"I liked how I felt after the show, because I feel really good about myself, and it's as if I could do anything I set my mind to"
A.R., Student

Dr. Ken Kern: Dr. Ken Kern ("Dr. Ken") considers himself a life-long student. He graduated with High Honors in Biochemistry and Distinction in Scholarship from the University of California, Berkeley, and he holds an MD degree from Harvard Medical School, along with two Master's Degrees in scientific fields. Dr. Ken is thankful for the success he achieved in school at multiple levels, using his study system. Given this success, Dr. Ken is committed to sharing his experience and teaching his study system to students to help them raise their grades and test scores.

All of Dr. Kenís programs involve education on how to think about oneself in a positive light, and to improve self-identity. Dr. Ken believes strongly that students who gain a solid understanding of the concept of positive self-identity will develop greater self-confidence, improved self-esteem, and ultimately better scholastic performance.

Dr. Ken is a former cancer surgeon and the author of the book, "Cracking the Study Code: 101 Tips and Techniques to Raise Your Grades and Test Scores...Now!

Description of program:
(Grades K-12):
Dr. Ken specializes in educating students in the areas of motivation, character development, teamwork and citizenship, improved study habits, goal achievement, positive thinking and self-confidence. Dr. Kenís student assembly programs are interactive, educational, inspirational and entertaining because students take specific actions during the programs that result in immediate takeaways from each presentation. Assembly programs, with customized formats, are currently available for elementary, middle and high schools.

Grades: K-12

Instructional Materials Available: Teachers Program Handbook/Study Guide and Student Handout available


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