Dave Skale: Edu-Tainer

Dave Skale

Professional Magician/Comedian

"This is money well spent. The kids are entertained while receiving very important information."
Deanna Gross, PTA
Meadow Green Elementary, Whittier, CA

Dave Skale: Dave is a world-class Magic Castle Magician, as well as a graduate from the prestigious The Second City Conservatory for improv comedy.  He as combined his performance training with his formal education (BA in Psychology (Cal Poly Pomona) and Masters in Business Administration (UC Irvine)) to develop several assembly programs that use magic and comedy to teach important life-lessons to YOUR students.

For over 25 years, Dave has been invited to perform nearly 20,000 shows for hundreds of thousands of children, including nearly one thousand schools and libraries.

Description of programs:
Each of Dave’s programs start with a lesson plan based on California School Standards, interviews with educators, and tons of research. He then customized magic & comedy routines designed to bring each key point to life. By presenting educational messages through magic and comedy, these IMPORTANT LIFE LESSONS are far more likely to be understood and appreciated.

Bully Busters
The students discover how bullying harms both the bully and the target, as well as steps to take if they are picked on or if they see someone else harassed.

No Drugs and Smart Choices(Red Ribbon Show)
Dave draws his magical friend, Scribbles, who comes to life. Scribbles is struggling with his friends pressuring him into bad choices. Dave and the students help Scribbles explore the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol, and vaping as well as the challenges of peer pressure in this sensitive yet entertaining program.

The Nutrition Magician
Dave�s special guest, Bunny Boo-Boo, is going to share her healthy eating tips. Unfortunately, her bad diet drains all of her energy, and she can no longer present the show. Dave and the students will have to explore the secrets of healthy eating and exercise in order to save Bunny Boo-Boo!

The Magic of Money (Financial Literacy)
Dave plucks money from thin air, vanishes a giant coin and even magically fills an empty box with cash as the students learn the basics of banking, budgeting, borrowing, and investing.

Environmental - Magic (Recycling Show)
Dave and your students explore the challenges and solutions to keeping our planet healthy in this fun, magical production.

Field-Day Games Extravaganza
Dave runs a variety of wacky field games (eg. sack races, tug-o-war, water balloon volleyball, etc). Many of the games require teamwork to succeed. Great for year-end celebrations, carnivals, or any excuse for a fun, outdoor play day!

Grades: K-6

Instructional Materials Available:
Children's Study Guide and Teacher's Guide are available as FREE downloads.

Other: Family Fun Nights • Back-to-School Nights • Carnivals • Fundraisers • Graduation Celebrations


Dave Skale: Edu-Tainer
Dave Skale
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