Virtual Educational

Scott Green

Professional Magician

"Educational entertainment that inspires your students."
Dr. Jo Amburgey, Principal
Ingleside, IL

Scott Green: Magician Scott Green delivers a powerful virtual assembly because he has more live on-camera experience than any other working assembly performer.

His educational magic programs pop through the screen. They’re updated versions of his very popular live assemblies he’s performed throughout the Midwest since he graduated law school in 2009.

Scott's educational background was in a different field entirely—he graduated law school and passed the bar, but decided his passion was in bringing educational entertainment to children and became a full-time professional performer.

Your students will be riveted: laughing, wondering, thinking and learning. They will connect with Scott and have an incredible amount of fun.

Millions have seen Scott perform magic—at schools, libraries and private events; plus regularly on Chicago television, and occasionally on national TV, for the likes of Meredith Vieira and Steve Harvey. Your students may have know him from his appearance on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” (See it here.)

Scott and his wife live in Chicago with their two children, who are also learning virtually this year.

Description of programs:
Educational programs that use magic to capture your students’ attention. Hilarious student interaction and powerful content make these assemblies both a valuable teaching tool and a much-loved reward for students.

Inside The Magician's Studio (Theme: Performing Arts)
New this year! See how a professional performing artist learns, creates and prepares, and how students can apply what they’re learning in school to become performing artists as well. Students will see incredible magic, and even learn some they can perform at home.

Spellbound (Theme: Reading)
Books come to life through magic as students are motivated to read for pleasure. This genre-focused program introduces students to mystery, fantasy, biography, and more.

Magic or Science? (Theme: Science)
After each demonstration, students guess if it was done by magic or science. If it’s magic, we move on. If it’s science, the principles are explained in age-appropriate detail. Covers the scientific method, laws of motion, Bernoulli’s effect, and more.

Grades: K-8

Other: Family Fun Night Programs • Career Days • Library Programs • Summer Camp Programs • Scouting Events

Virtual Learning Platforms Available: Any. We will work with your school’s preferred platform.


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(847) 361-0924


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