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Robinn Lange

Memory Specialist / Master Hypnotist / Mindpower Motivator

"We were looking for a different idea
for our PTA event. Everyone had a great time.
I think the parents enjoyed themselves just as much as the students. Your host and his assistant did a great job"
Sunnydale Elementary, Lancaster, CA

Robinn Lange: Robinn Lange is a student of the mind. Robinn truly understands the natural abilities of the human mind. This, combined with sound psychological concepts and mental abilities, have allowed Robinn to become a master of memory, subconscious influence, intuition body language, thought projection, mindreading and hypnosis. Robinnís unique blend of mental intelligence, educational principles, and live performing creates these unique and amazing presentations that offer laughter, amazement and great insight into the power of the human mind and the world of self-ability. Robinn offers several fantastic performances and programs specifically designed for schools. The Robinn Lange's series of MINDPOWER presentations are among the most successful and memorable audience participation presentations available today. Robinn Lange is a world class headlining entertainer, presenter, motivator, and author who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS News, CNN, MTV and ABC-TVís All My Children, and has been a fixture on radio for twenty years. Robinn has worked with such performers as Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Steve Allen, Michael Jordan, Tony Danza, John Stamos, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, The Monkees, and The Beach Boys. Robinn Lange is the author of several books including MINDPOWER Memory For Students - Improve Your Memory & Improve Your Grades, and a complete series of self-improvement CDs based on MINDPOWER.

Description of programs:

Mindpower Memory (Grades K-Adult): Teaches tudents how to discover and utilize their true untapped memory potential. MINDPOWER Memory is an intriguing showcase of memory techniques and abilities that will allow your students to memorize, remember, retain and recall information with great detail in just minutes with very minimal effort. MINDPOWER Memory allows your students to improve their learning abilities, improve study habits, retain more of their studies in less time, enjoy greater comprehension, experience quicker, easier recall and improve their overall grades.

Healthy for Life (Grades K-12): Healthy For Life will get your students excited about good health and nutrition with this fun and interactive student participation program. Healthy For Life delivers the facts and encourages a healthy lifestyle by understanding healthy eating habits, making good choices and staying active. Students learn the truths about food, the importance of physical activity, and how to easily create a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Internet & Cell Phone Safety For Students (Grades K-12): Everyday millions of students nationwide are using cell phones, computers and the world of online access for everything from their homework and research, to socializing and entertainment. Thereís a wealth of information and resources available through these technologies and they can be great tools when used properly, but they also present the possibility for risk, abuse and potential dangers. Internet & Cell Phone Safety For Students provides the truths, information and details students need to know about cell phones, the internet, text messaging, chat rooms and social sites.

The Mind Games Show (Grades 8-12): An interactive audience participation program that teaches, motivates and inspires students to see and understand their own potential - to be the best you can be. Student MINDPOWER expert Robinn Lange shows students that success and achievement starts in your mind, determining the choices you make and the actions you take. Helps students to become positive, confident and successful in all areas of their lives - in school, sports, music, and at home, now and for the rest of their life.

The Ultimate Challenge Game Show (Grades 8-12): Experience the fun and excitement of a real live television-style Game Show. The Ultimate Challenge Game Show is a multiple round Game Show featuring your students and faculty as contestants competing for titles or prizes. Can be presented in a scholastic format featuring your curriculum, or may be offered in an entertaining format just as a fun student activity event. 100% audience participation, with several program options available. Features electronic lockout player positions, electronic scoring, complete set, soundtrack and effects, and a professional Host/Master of Ceremonies.

The Mindpower Hypnosis Show (Grades 8-12): Hypnotist Robinn Lange, known as "The School Hypnotist", will have your audience laughing hilariously in this amazing, safe and natural showcase of the power of the human mind. Audience volunteers become the true “stars” of the show as they demonstrate the abilities of MINDPOWER. The ever-growing popularity and curiosity of Hypnosis makes this one of the most unique shows available today. It can be hosted as entertainment for school events or as an Assembly featuring a variety of motivational and self-empowerment messages.

Grades: K-Adult

Instructional Materials Available: Teachers Program Handbook/Study Guide and Student Handout available

Other: Family Fun Nights, Fund Raisers, Fairs, Festivals, Workshops, Library Shows


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