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Ken Jones

Wildlife Advocate/Environmental Educator

"Serving Youth Saving Endangered Species”

Ken Jones: Ken Jones has won numerous awards during his 40 year career as an environmental educator and organizer. Most recently, in 2015, the National Association of Environmental Professionals bestowed the National Environmental Excellence Award to Jones for both his creation of the International A-Team, and his conservation podcast, Jungle Deep. Jones, and his International A-Team, in 2015, received a Commendation from the head of the nation's Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy. In 2014, Dr. Jones was chosen as "One of the Next 100 extraordinary people who will change the world with the power of their ideas", by the business innovation group, One Billion Minds.

Description of program: Dynamic and exciting presentations that leave a lasting impression and are adjusted to audience grade level.
Live Playful Exotic Parrots - Living examples of endangered species with their stories of their struggle for survival.

Conservation Tech - Combines environmental science with technology, engineering and math with our introduction to new inventions utilizing computers and robots the help save animals.

Grades: K-12

Other: Downloadable teacher materials


A-Team for Wildlife

Ken Jones
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Angles Camp, CA 95222

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