Rockets and Robots

Bob Redman

Aerospace Education Specialist

""Excellent! This is a very educational program without being boring! Bob is poised and articulate and very knowledgeable...He loves to share his enthusiasm with the children."
Los Angeles County Library System

Bob Redman: An aerospace education specialist.

Description of programs:

Celebrating 100 Years of Flight:
Children will enjoy a fun and factual show that promotes the fun of science! In his unique interactive show Bob reveals how and why we use Rockets and Robots to explore (the Moon), Mars, and beyond!

From Wright Brothers to Landing on the Moon:
This show features slides, rocket and robot models and hands-on displays! With the program your students will receive a list of Internet sites, bibliography and paper models.

Grades: PreK-6

Other: Great for science classes, clubs, libraries, and special events.


Rockets and Robots
Bob Redman
(661) 618-3193


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