Rockets and Robots

Bob Redman

Aerospace Education Specialist

""Your assembly was one of the best I've ever seen in the years I've been teaching. The kids were amazingly engaged! It was out of this world!!!"
Laura Misner, PTA President
Loyola Village Elementary, Los Angeles, CA


Bob Redman: Bob Redman’s (Captain Bob’s) interest in aerospace education began with his father’s 30 year career at NASA. While working as a tour guide at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C, Bob began to see the educational possibilities of teaching young people about the history of space and science. As emcee for the Aerospace Walk of Honor ceremony he met such notable aerospace figures as Neil Armstrong and Chuck Yeager.

In addition, Bob created the ‘Air & Space Expo’, a non-profit event bringing aerospace entities such as NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the United States Air Force, Boeing and Northrop- Grumman together to participate side-by-side with area schools and students. Captain Bob’s Rockets and Robots is a distillation of all of these efforts and experiences. Presented to over 1.5 million students over 20 years, these STEM / STEAM assemblies are presented with the goal of instilling the fun of science into tomorrow’s pioneers … our children.

Description of programs:
With his use of models and demonstrations, Captain Bob gives children a front row seat to space exploration, flight, and robotics. Even the youngest students are fully engaged, making these far-off explorations real and interesting.

Choose 5 Workshops from following 10 subjects:

Captain Bob discusses how rockets first began. You’ll see a movie about early rocket attempts as well as how rockets are used today to send people to space. Students will also learn how to make their own paper rocket model from simple items at home.

Living on the Moon:
Join Captain Bob as he uses models to demonstrate how astronauts lived on the moon! See a movie of astronauts bouncing (and falling) on the moon! Students can then make their own moon base at home with step by step instructions.

Students will see how early robots worked (and sometimes didn’t!) How robots are used in films and how they now explore Mars. Finally, they will be able to make their very own Mars rover from items around the house.

Floating in Space:
Captain Bob shows students what it’s like to live and work in space. Students will be able to watch astronauts having fun on the International Space Station. At the conclusion, they will learn how to make a space station model at home!

Living on Mars:
In this fascinating show, we talk about how robot rovers work on Mars. Later, we’ll watch a movie about how people will one day live on Mars. Students will even be able to build their own Mars Base!

From kites, to the Wright Brothers, to jumbo jets; Captain Bob uses models to show students how flight first began. Then, students will go to the movies and see a film from early planes to modern jets. At the end of this episode, students are shown where to find great videos to make their own paper airplanes.

From early helicopters to today’s high powered choppers, Captain Bob shows students how these marvelous machines work and why they’re so important. They’ll see a movie of early attempts and fast jet powered copters. They’ll learn how to make their own hand propelled helicopters at home!

The Solar System:
Captain Bob brings this big concept down to size, using a basketball and a baseball to demonstrate size. In addition to going to see a movie about the solar system, he’ll show students how to make their very own solar system display at home!

Hot Air Balloons:
Get ready for a very uplifting experience! Human flight began with the invention of balloons. See a movie of flight by the Montgolfier Brothers and balloon festivals today! Captain Bob will also show students how to make their very own hot air balloon model.

Ready for a down-to-Earth experience? During this episode, students will learn how much they weigh on the moon and planets. We’ll watch a movie about the concept of gravity. At the conclusion, Captain Bob will show students how to make their very own ‘Anti-Gravity’ device!

Grades: PreK-5

Instructional Materials Included: Questions for students and resources for follow-up study.

Other: Great for science classes, clubs, libraries, and special events.


Rockets and Robots
Bob Redman
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