Razzle Bam Boom
Mark Beckwith & Obediah Thomas

Musicians / Comedians

Inspiring School Assemblies

Mark Beckwith: An internationally published children's singer-songwriter. His credits include hit kid-songs on Knowledge Adventure's (Vivendi-Universal) award-winning, interactive-educational Jump-Start series. Mark has appeared on Nickelodeon and the Family Channel. He has won awards from Billboard magazine, the Family Channel, and USA Today. As a professional musician for over 30 years, Mark has toured the U.S. and Canada.

Obediah Thomas: 25 years experience as a professional comic and juggler. He is also a skilled trumpet player and vocalist with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

Description of programs:
Razzle Bam Boom is much more than music, comedy and fun. Mark and Obediah are dedicated to presenting messages that K-6 students need to understand. They present them in the most engaging and memorable way possible. Razzle Bam Bom assemblies motivate students to start conversations about topics such as kindness, bullying, behavior, respect and being responsible.
� Character Counts:
Uses songs, role-playing, and audience participation to give students tools to help them manage their own emotions.

� The Recycling Show:
Addresses goal setting, staying focused, and perseverance in a super fun way.

� Social-Emotional Learning Show:
Motivates students to be more inclusive, caring, and empathetic in this upbeat performance.

� Kindness Show:
Inclusion, Acceptance, Bullying, Friendship.

• Hydro Game Show:
Water Cycle, States of Matter, and More.

• Goals and Testing Success:
Three Ways to Do Your Best.

• Respect and Responsibility Show:
Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, and more.

• The Simply Fun Show:
Music, Magic, Juggling, Comedy.

• Covid-19 :
Be Safe. Be Okay.

• Music, Music, Music:
Musical Diversity.

Grades: K-6

Instructional Materials Included: Teacher's Guide


Razzle Bam Boom
Mark Beckwith
5243 Comercio Ave. � Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(760) 224-0567 � (818) 422-1872

E-mail: scheduleassemblies@gmail.com

Web Site: www.razzlebamboom.com

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