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Todd Victor

Performing Artist & Teacher

"“What a blast! The kids had so much fun they didn’t know they were learning.”"
PTA mom, Santa Rosa, CA

Todd Victor: Trained as a juggler, physical and verbal comedian, Todd Victor brings science to life with an interactive performance combining theatrical storytelling and very cool demonstrations. He has performed in 10 different countries and continues to perform at schools, fairs and festivals throughout the United States.

His fascination with how things work and his love of comedy helps get kids excited about the sciences. He has carefully studied the scientific concepts in the shows with the help of teachers, and scientists. He and his partner Lizette Guy have written and developed this fun science show.

Todd grew up in a family of ten on a farm in Connecticut. He left to study Fine Arts in New York City. He has been studying and performing mime, juggling, and physical comedy since 1980. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fun Arts from Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Todd is a chosen member of Marin's Youth 'n Arts, Performing Arts Roster. He has been an artist/teacher for the William James Prison Arts Project. Todd loves performing, teaching, computers, inventing, juggling, tennis, table tennis, creating one of a kind props for fun-filled shows, and he loves his wife, Lizette.

Description of programs:

Professor Smart's Fun with Physics Show: "Fun'" is the word most used when it comes to describing the Fun with Physics Show. Things will be flying! The show is primarily built for kids in k-7th grades but is just as entertaining for adults. For upper grades the show is made more challenging by increasing the vocabulary and asking questions of the students during the show. Even the youngest kids will be engaged by the juggling, the comedic physicality of the performer, and the tempo of the show.

Professor Smart's Fun BIG ENERGY Show: This show is built just for schools k-6. It is loud, uses 20 volunteers and it is a blast! It teaches about all the forms of energy and how we generate electrity. It is offered to schools that have already brought in the Fun with Physics Show and want to bring the complematry show the next year.

Grades: K-8

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