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Jon Pearson

Professional graphic artist

"...a dynamic personality, a terrific rapport with students, teachers. and parents. He has a completely original way of teaching higher level thinking skills to a wide range of students."
Pat Thomas, Teacher of the Year, New Mexico

Jon Pearson: Jon is an internationally known speaker, thinking skills consultant, author and cartoonist. He has performed on stage and television and in schools for over 20 years. Jon has worked with over one million students, teachers, parents and administrators across the United States, in Canada and Asia. As a classroom teacher he has worked extensively with ELD, GATE, and Chapter 1. The U.S. government selected him to tour schools throughout the Orient. As a motivational speaker for business and schools he has addressed many state and national conferences. He received from the U.S. Patent Model Foundation's national "Creativity Conference for Educators" the highest workshop ratings in its history. He travels widely and works with ANY SIZE audience, of all any age - from kindergarten through university.

Description of programs: The assemblies are a fast-paced, high energy blend of drawing, dramatization, storytelling, and audience participation that transforms the often frustrating drawing process into a unique interactive learning technique. Using a large projection screen or easel Jon speaks to ANY SIZE audience. He draws and doodles rapidly and demonstrates fun and easy ways to integrate reading, writing, and drawing throughout the curriculum.

Repeat assembly programs include:

The Art of Language Arts - Reading and writing come to life before your students' eyes.

Thinking Forward & Backward - Social Studies. Easy ways to picture the history of the world in minutes.

The Art of Wonder - The use of art to help students visualize math and science.

Cartooning Throughout the Curriculum - Learning through art. Handy ways to learn anything faster and remember it longer.

Grades: K-12

Instructional Materials Available: Comprehensive Teacher's Guide/Student Workbook (Drawing on the Inventive Mind) and educational video (Jon Pearson's Draw Power) available

Other: Teacher In-service Student Workshops Family Fun Nights Parent Education

CONTACT: (For booking assemblies, teacher in-service, workshops, or to purchase his book and video)

Jon Pearson
Creative Learning
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