National Parks Adventurer
Mike Graf

Children's Author & Teacher

"Mike Graf's assembly had our students enthralled from start to finish! From bears to scorpoins, our students were hooked by his adventures...a true treasure of knowledge for aspiring writers!"
Chris Leggett, Libranian, Antonello School,
Las Vegas, NV

Mike Graf: Mike has shared his writing as well as his weather and national park experiences with children and teachers in hundreds of schools. Graf's most known books are the "Adventures with the Parkers" series now published by Falcon Guides and with nine books in the series. Three more will soon be released. Graf currently instructs part-time at Chico State University, teaching classes in Child Development. Graf has been a TV weathercaster at six different television stations and an elementary school teacher for nine years. A national park fanatic, Graf visits many national parks across the country every year.

Description of programs:
My presentations run the gamut of 1st through 8th grade, as well as giving talks to educators and parents. I am an enthusiastic storyteller and would be delighted to present at your school. Many of my talks revolve around weather, caving, storm chasing, dinosaur digs, animal encounters, and other outdoor adventure and science related topics. My newly released national parks series, weather, and/or the writing process itself are some of my most frequently requested presentations.

There are several different presentations that I can offer your school. Each is tailored to fit desired grade levels. Schools can also mix and match presentations to best suit their individual school needs.

National Park Adventures and Realistic Fiction: This is my most requested presentation. Schools get a combination of national park drama and storytelling, national park background information from key parks, and realistic fiction writing tips and techniques. This one hour assembly is best suited for 2nd grade and up, but adjustments can easily be made for lower grades. This also fits well with my Adventures with the Parkers series of books.

All About Weather: This one hour presentation teaches all about severe weather, storm chasing, weather safety, and basic meteorology. During this talk, I will also read sections from some of my books on weather and tell stories from my weathercasting and storm chasing past. This topic is best for 2nd grade and up.

A Tour of the National Parks: Schools choosing this will get a grand tour of many of our most famous national parks. While giving a slideshow of my journeys in the 12 national parks in the Adventures with the Parkers series, I will share some of the details and accounts I have experienced while researching each of these parks. I will also give background information on some of the best things to see and do while vacationing in each of these parks. This topic is best suited for 2nd grade and up.

Writing Workshop: This 60-75 minute workshop is for smaller groups and follows my National Park Adventures and Realistic Fiction presentation. During this workshop I give further advice on writing and promote and guide students to begin writing their own stories by giving feedback along the way. In these presentations I teach students to write the beginning, middle, and end of a story, encompassing such techniques as foreshadowing, character development, setting descriptions, building suspense, and editing, among others. This topic works well for GATE/TAG students and grades 4th and up.

Weather Workshop: Following my weather assembly, students will make cloud charts illustrating the four basic types of clouds and the weather each brings. Students will also learn about other cloud types and gets some basic tips on a weather broadcast. This presentation is for smaller groups and GATE/TAG classes from 4th grade and up.

Mini Tour of the National Parks: (for K-1st grade classes only). In this presentation I will take younger students on a mini tour of some of our best national parks. With a slideshow presentation, I will share pictures and teach what makes the parks unique and awesome to visit. This presentation takes about 30 minutes.

Author-In Residence Writing Seminar: For 5th grade and up, these seminars can be one to two weeks in length. Please inquire for details.

Grades: K-6

Instructional Materials Available: Teacher Guides, Science Kits, Children's Adventure Novels on National Parks

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National Parks Adventurer
Mike Graf
1251 Palm Ave Chico, CA 95926
(530) 864-3205


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