The Amazing Science
Whiz Show

Benny Buettner &
Bebe Conrad

Award-Winning Assembly Programs

"Highly recommended for school and science museums."
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA

Benny & Bebe's Magic Circus: the award-winning educational theatre group has stimulated the minds and touched the hearts of thousands of students since 1987.

Description of program: A Dazzling 45-minute K-8 Assembly Performance Explores phenomena of physics, earth science, green environmental education and visual perception with large moving optical illusions. In this enchanting program, Magic Circus demonstrates seemingly impossible magic and circus tricks with scientific explanations. Discover curious and amazing phenomena such as gravity, centrifugal force, friction, air pressure and multi-dimensional space. Students learn about scientist like Archimedes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Students experience vividly how our eyes see and our brains create pictures, as they behold large moving optical illusions with colorful art patterns. Guaranteed to be a fun-filled learning experience with plenty of enthusiastic audience participation.
Aligns with STEM, CA Next Generation Science, Visual Arts & Common Core Standards.

Additional programs from Benny & Bebe's Magic Circus:

Award-winning multicultural learning! Students are delighted by a comical traveler who, daydreaming at a train station, launches an imaginary journey around the world and through history.

Using a donut shaped piece of felt that transforms into hats -"chapeaux" from a variety of cultures and professions, 25 quick-change characters are brought to life.

Accompanied by sound effects and famous musical scores, vignettes with visual jests and situations are presented using comedy, magic, mime and "chapeaugraphy".

This program addresses the 21st Century Learning Skills and aligns with the Performing Arts Standards, Multicultural, Theater & Performing Arts and History Learning.

Grades: K-12

Instructional Materials Included: Teacher's Guide

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Magic Circus.
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