Kites for Kids
Dave Shenkman

Professional Kite Maker/Flyer

"Best assembly our school has had. Exciting, educational, and very motivating. Four years in a row and it is always great."
Angela Lockhart, PTA Pres., College View School

Dave Shenkman: Dave brings more than fifteen years of kiting experience, including professional demonstrations, seminars, and kite festivals. Dave has a degree in Communication from California State University at Fullerton.

Description of programs: Our programs are dedicated to the following goals:
• Enhance each student's quality of life through the magical world of kiting
• Provide fun and excitement while building confidence and creativity through a hands-on kite making experience
• Encourage reading as a way of obtaining more information on subjects of interest • Offer students a wholesome, family oriented alternative to drugs, television, and video games, while focusing on the natural highs of life.

The Super Show (up to 180 students per assembly)
- Assembly (30-40 minutes) - Features kite history, design, basic physics, safety awareness, anti-drug/stay in school motivational message.
- Kite Building (20-30 minutes) - Tasks oriented to grade level.
- On Field Demonstration (weather permitting)

The Classic Show (up to 350 students per assembly - 45-60 minutes)
"The Classic Show" is the same as "The Super Show", excluding Kite Building.

Grades: preK-8

Instructional Materials Available: "The Super Show" includes all kite building materials.

Other: Workshops


Kites for Kids
Dave Shenkman
P.O. Box 53 • Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(800) 431-3339 • (714) 536-3630
Cell: (714) 642-4996


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