Science of Juggling
Jeffrey Daymont

World Champion Juggler

"Our science teachers were super excited about the
assembly because it fit their curriculum so well!”
Kristin Campbell, Assistant Principal,
Warner Middle School

Jeffrey Daymont: Jeffrey Daymont has been a creative force in the juggling community for over two decades. He’s traveled the world with his one man show and toured for three seasons with the variety show “Lazer Vaudeville” in Performing Arts Centers and Vaudeville Theaters across America.

Description of program:
The Science of Juggling program illustrates Newton’s laws of motion by performing incredible skills with every day objects: 4-square balls, hula hoops, a bowling ball, jump rope and even golf clubs. While it is specially written to fit California’s Science Content Standards for 2nd and 8th grade science, students and teachers of all ages will laugh and learn at this high energy show!

Juggling Workshops
Juggling Workshops let older students learn the laws of motion first hand as part of a physical education program or a fun activity for your Renaissance History day. Students will also get insight into how the brain learns new skills and how to improve their study habits.

Grades: Science of Juggling: K-8; Juggling Workshops: 6-12

Instrucional Materials Included:
Teacher's Study Guide and additional projects available as free downloads

Fundraisers Shows, Science Fairs, Family Fun Nights, Renaissance Days, Libraries


Science of Juggling
Jeffrey Daymont
PO Box 4931
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 987-4237


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