Rick Huddle
Rick Huddle


"The students were actively involved and positively referring to the storytelling when they returned to school after the weekend"
Susan Rapp, Seeley Union Elementary, Seeley, CA

Rick Huddle: A comedian, storyteller, and songwriter.

Description of programs: Social-emotional learning school assemblies.

Don't be mad, B(e) R.A.D. (K-6)
This high-energy K-6 assembly uses games, humorous stories, and songs to teach students how to: identify emotions regulate stress be better communicators. Participants will laugh, sing, and play while learning how to identify and manage their emotions. This assembly not only inspires, but gives students the chance to practice: breathing techniques to calm down and decision-making. Uses evidence-based research on the principals of Positive Behavior Intervention & Support & Social-Emotional Learning.

Suit Up & Save the World (K-5)
A funny & poignant assembly about the superhero inside us all. In an interactive collection of skits & songs, students use their real-life super powers to save humanity from its biggest enemies: hate, fear, anger, and loneliness.

Grow Your Mind (K-6)


Rick Huddle
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