Dave the Horn Guy

Dave Enns

Professional Musician

"VERY entertaining, and is an excellent fit for schools and PTA.  Great music, super education, and tremendously entertaining!"
Glen W. Thomas, Former California Secretary of Education

Dave Enns: Dave the Horn Guy is Dave Enns, a musician’s musician and a guy with a lot of horns. Dave holds multiple music degrees. At 37, his full time musical efforts have found him to be a Billboard recognized songwriter, a studio musician, an orchestrater of over 200 songs, a regular giggin’ trombone/piano player, singer, and a founder/producer of an award-winning urban acappella group. He’s combined these experiences with 25 chromatically tuned bulb-horns, custom made from a top-of-the-line German horn maker to create “Dave the Horn Guy.

Description of program: Music Performance + Music Education. A fast-paced, high-energy type of performance that is exciting, motativating, and entertaining. From Classical, Jazz, Patriotic to Radio-style...Confetti, stage props, audience participation. Interactive music education lessons incorporated into the performance. Dave's show meets the four basic components of music education as outlined in the “Visual and Performing Arts Framework“ adopted and distributed by the California State Board of Education. Separate, age-appropriate shows are offered for grades K-6 and 7-12. Show length: 45 minutes.

Grades: K-12

Other: Concerts • Family Fun Nights • Fundraisers

CONTACT (Booking):

Erin Lane
Dave the Horn Guy

(916) 304-6246

E-mail: erin@davethehornguy.com

Web Site: www.davethehornguy.com

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