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"To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to those educators that are looking for a special "spark" to ignite children's interest in Language Arts. I would recommend Harlynne Geisler for any event that needs laughter, excitement, colorful characters, suspense, surprises, and enchantment."
A.W., Director, Special Projects

Harlynne Geisler: Harlynne Geisler has been a professional freelance storyteller since 1980 and has told and taught storytelling in festivals, conferences, schools, colleges, libraries, churches, temples, community centers, preschools, and museums. She has performed from Aurora, New York, to Austin, Texas, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Alberta, Canada, to Anaheim, California...and that's just the A list! She lives in San Diego and performs frequently all over southern California. She is listed in Who's Who in Entertainment.

Harlynne Geisler has taught storytelling and creative writing to clowns, magicians, teachers, children, college students, parents, puppeteers, librarians, seniors, and storytellers in New York, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Canada, Washington, Idaho, and California. She was the resident storyteller for the San Diego Museum of Art and has been the resident storyteller for the Timken Art Museum since 2005.

Description of program:
October: Spooky OR Not too Spooky Stories

November: Celebrate America Story to Shining Story

January: Old Tales for a New Year from the World's Cultures

March: The Speaking of the Green-British Stories

April: April Fools - Funny Multicultural Tales

May: A Fiesta of Hispanic Folktales from New Mexico, Spain, Mexico and Central America

Grades: K-6

Instructional Materials Included: Classroom handouts that connect teachers to state and content standards in performing and language arts.

Other: Workshops (Creative Writing, Storytelling, Folktales)


Harlynne Geisler
(858) 569-9399


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