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Education & Entertaining Assemblies 

Richard Rumble & Sandee Gee: Richard Rumble and Sandee Gee have been providing a wide variety of interactive and fun shows to school age children for over 30 years. With a background in both Theater and Education, they are uniquely qualified to bring the BEST assemblies to your school. These world-renowned, multi-talented educators and positive role-models, bring excitement and magic to learning.

Description of programs:
All programs can be can be performed On Campus LIVE or as an Online Assembly. Here is a list of some of the MANY different programs we offer:

Curriculum Enrichment:
- Science/STEM Assembly
- Crazy About Chemistry
- It's Not Magic, It's Science
- Forces and Motion
- Incredible Edible Science
- Charge It Up - All About Electricity
- Bubble-Ology 101
- Star Party
- Recycling is Magical
- Nutrition Awareness Assembly
- Wild Things & Animals of Prey
- California Gold Rush and Gold Panning
- A Cat and A Hat Assembly
- Read Across America Assembly

Character Education:
- No Bully Zoney
- Magicians Against Drugs
- Bully-Free Game Show
- Character Education Assembly
- Drug Awareness Assembly
- Stranger Danger
- All About Character

Family Fun Nights & Just For Fun:
- Star Party
- Halloween Magic Show
- Christmas Magic Show
- PTA/PTO Family Night & Fundraiser

Grades: K-8

Instructional Materials Included: Pre & Post Educational Materials

Other: Classroom Programs • Family Fun Night Programs • Fund Raisers


Full Spectrum Educational Services, Inc.
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