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Richard Rumble & Sandee Gee: These world-renowned, multi-talented educators and positive role-models, bring excitement and magic to learning.

Description of programs:
Each program is hands-on with audience participation and uses visual aids to help the students stay focused & motivated.


Star Lab - The Mobile Planetarium: We bring the Universe to your school. Upon entering our portable planetarium, your students will be transported from the Sun to the far reaches of the galaxy and the universe. Using special effects, laser lights and music, your students will gaze into the starry nights to see constellations and hear the stories of peoples and cultures past. Our programs teach Astronomy, The Sun & Solar System, African Mythology and Greek Mythology and Native American Mythology. Each program is written by some of the leading experts in their fields. The perfect tie-in with any science related topic or in combination with our astronomy and telescope night viewing program.  Your school will receive education material.  $100.00 off by mentioning this directory.

Star Viewing (Family Fun Night): Using state of the art astronomical telescopes, we will have your students and their parents almost touching the Rings of Saturn and the Orion Nebula. Old and young alike will marvel at the heavens while peering through any of our dozen telescopes and binoculars.  This Program comes with a slide show style presentation and a full evening of guided and narrated star viewing.  Fun for the Whole family and the perfect way to get your families involved in the education.  Everyone will receive a FREE Star Map for attending the event.  $100.00 off by mentioning this directory.  


Exotic Animal Magic show: The Both a really fun MAGIC show AND an exotic animal experience that your students will never forget.  Producing Snakes and Lizards from around the world instead of the regular doves and rabbits, your students will learn about habitat and environment as well as the importance of environmental preservation. Lots of audience participation, fun and laughter.  Your students will receive a FREE Magic Trick.   $100.00 off by mentioning this directory.


It's Not Magic... It's Science: Here is a unique show that combines the fun of a magic show and the education of a science demonstration show.  Each of the scientific principles is presented as a magic trick and then the secret is shown and the science behind why the trick works.  Fun and informative, these are all experiments that your students can do at home or for other friends at school  Each show has a magic trick hand out for each student to take home so they can show friends and family that It's not Magic, Its Science...  Your students will receive a FREE Magic Trick.   $100.00 off by mentioning this directory. 

Recycling is Magical: Join us on a magical journey into the FUN of recycling.  We show that garbage does not just Magically Disappear in real life, but we can REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE everyday items to make some environmentally sound and magical decisions.  Perfect for Earth Week, Environmental awareness or any time a lesson is needed on being good stewards of our environment.  This show can be done with our Magic Bunny "Trixie" to help us learn how our actions affect more than just the things we see, but also the habitat of all the wild creatures that live in the same environment as us.  Your students will receive a FREE Magic Trick. $100.00 off by mentioning this directory. 

Magicians Against Drugs: A high-energy, participatory show that uses the art of magic to powerfully present how to say "NO" to drugs when focusing on a specific goal and achieve the impossible through a drug-free lifestyle.  Each and EVERY magic trick has a "Just Say No " Message and is delivered in a way that every member of the school will be saying the phrase " Just Say NO" for weeks, months and even years to come.  Each onstage participant will receive a magical gift and at the end of EACH show a Magicians Against Drugs Tee Shirt is given away to one of your students.  This is a powerful show with powerful reminders of how important it is to lead a drug free life.  We will even float one of the students in the air, and can provide each student with a magic trick to help them on their way to becoming a " Magician Against Drugs" . Your students will receive a FREE Magic Trick.   $100.00 off if mentioning this directory. 

The Magic Academy of Reading: All books are magical.  This is a high-energy Magic show with Master Magician, Professor Rumbledoor, who uses his magical skills to show your students how exciting and fun reading can be. Birds and bunnies appear and disappear and a student can float in the air. In this show all of your students become Jr. Magicians when they are taught several magic tricks. Your students will receive a FREE Magic Trick.   $100.00 off by mentioning this directory.

Grades: K-8

Instructional Materials Included: Pre & Post Educational Materials

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