Ecos de España

Music and Dance of Spain

“The program was educational, involved the children through audience participation, and held the interest of even the youngest K-1st graders.”
Sue Reynolds, Counselor,
Ramona-Alessandro Elementary School

Ecos de España: Is a collaboration between three artists with a shared love of Spanish and flamenco music and dance.  Dancer Susana Elena studied flamenco extensively in Jerez de la Frontera and Sevilla, Spain.  She is certified by the L.A. County Arts Commission to teach and perform VAPA Standards-based dance programs.  Since 2007 she has presented a fun, educational, interactive program of Spanish and flamenco dance at over 50 libraries and a growing number of schools throughout Southern California.   Albertossy Espinoza is a classically trained dancer, as well as a highly sought-after instructor and choreographer.  He is the founder of “Fusion Performing Dance Academy,” a six-year-old nonprofit offering low cost classes and performance opportunities to children and their families.  Guitarist Almer Imamovic is an award-winning musician, composer, and arranger who has performed nationally and internationally.  He was featured in “Guitar Teacher Magazine” as part of a series on outstanding teachers in the USA.  Currently he is a professor of guitar studies at Occidental College in L.A.

Description of programs:
Ecos de España is an interactive program of dances from Spain and Gypsy Spain, as well as selections from the timeless compositions created for the Spanish guitar.  From their seats students learn flamenco arm and hand movements, how to clap to different rhythms, and when to yell jaleos (Olé! Bravo!).  At show’s end, volunteers are invited to join the performers onstage in a fun rumba flamenca, danced with scarves.  Susana Elena’s traditional choreographies tell a story, while also honoring the emotional intent behind each palo (musical form).  Most utilize an innately Spanish prop; a Cordobese hat, fan (abanico), mantón (shawl), or castanets.  In his “Pasodoble” Albertossy Espinoza embodies the uniquely masculine style, power, and strength characterized by the male Spanish dancer.  Students see how the mastery of technique allows an artist free range of power, strength, and expression.  Almer Imamovic begins by demonstrating various fingering techniques a Spanish guitarist must learn in order to master his craft.  During the course of the program he plays two famous Spanish compositions; “Asturias,” by Isaac Albeniz and “Recuerdos de la Alhambra,” by Francisco Tárrega.  Students listen to a professional artist combine technique and phrasing to create content.  The roots of Spanish music and dance recall influences from a vast multicultural heritage that spans centuries.  Vestiges of ancient Iberian, Greek, and Roman cultures, echoes from the three great Western religions, and imprints from North Africa, East India, the Middle East, and South America have all contributed to its unique lineage.  Ecos de España highlights this diversity, making the program a perfect introduction to Hispanic world culture for today’s global generation.

Approved by the L.A. County Arts Commission to align with VAPA Standards for music and dance.  Contains partial content for history, social science, mathematics, and language. 

Grades: K-12

Instructional Materials Available: Teacher's Guide and Instructional aids are available

Other: Family Fun Nights, Four-week workshops, Spanish Department presentations, Fundraisers


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