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Guaranteed Entertaining and
Educational TK-5 Program

Dreamshapers: For over 30 years has had a mission of presenting quality entertaining and educational TK-5 elementary school programs throughout Southern California that are provided with a 100% guarantee to meet school requirements and expectations. The auditioned performers we represent offer live, live virtual and prerecorded virtual programming. You will find Performing Arts assemblies including Music, Dance, Storytelling, and Puppetry; Science assemblies including The Rain Forest, Reptiles, Magic of Science; Anti-Bully, Red Ribbon Week and Character Assemblies; Multicultural Programming including International Dance and Percussion, African American Heritage, Native American Dance, and Hispanic Heritage. 100�s of programs to choose from.

Description of programs:
All programs are entertaining and contain educational content that supports curriculum lessons and goals. They are all presented by quality performers with years of experience and feature lots of interaction. Children will learn, be engaged and be amazed with any program selected. Live programs are 45-50 minutes, live virtual are 35-40 minutes and prerecorded virtual programs are 30-45 minutes.

Visit DreamShapers.org for a complete list of programs and presenters that offer assemblies:
� Anti Bully / Character
� Red Ribbon Week
� Science
� Music
� Black History Month
� Hispanic Heritage
� Multicultural
� American Heritage
� Native American Dance
� Storytelling
� Puppetry / Ventriloquism
� Dance



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