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"The best program we�ve ever had."
Loyalsock Valley Elementary, Montoursville, PA

Description of programs: (Virtual or In-Person)
We bring the museum to you!

DINOSAURS ROCK celebrates 20+ years. Our educators have a deep connection with children and embrace our mission of providing a fun, entertaining and authentic learning experience.

Choose from 4 highly interactive Virtual or in-person programs - DINOSAURS ROCK, OCEANS ROCK, INSECTS ROCK, GEMS ROCK. With each, students view, up-close - giant, life-size Museum specimens with curriculum covered through amazing visual demos and fascinating screen shares. Best of all, each participant takes home REAL specimens (we ship out fossils/minerals). Complete with online teacher�s guides. We�ve visited hundreds of schools and serve clients like Scholastic, National Geographic Channel, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo.


Grades: K-8

Instructional Materials Included: Online Teacher's Guides • Hands-On Activity Supplies

Other: After School Programs • Library Events • Homeschool & Private Group Classes


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Dinosaurs Rock
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