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"I thought the drawing assembly was awesome, phenominal actually. The kids enjoyed it very much, and it helped increase their confidence in their own abilities. You did a GREAT job of keeping their attention focused and making it fun at the same time. Thanks a lot!!"
Shelly Lee - Victoria School, Costa Mesa, CA

Kyle Tiernan: Kyle Tiernan has been performing educational and entertaining draw-along school assemblies throughout California, Arizona and Nevada for the past four years.

His unique program "Drawing Secret's Revealed!!" has quickly become known as THE assembly to have if you're looking for rock-solid educational content in perfect harmony with entertainment.

Kyle's hilarious, yet mega-effective, teaching style... coupled with his incredible ability to relate with kids... allows him to share his vast  knowledge about drawing with everyone participating in his  school assemblies.

Description of programs:
Your Students & Staff Will Complete Three, World-Class Drawings During This Amazing Draw Along Assembly!

Everyone arrives to the show with two sheets of blank white paper, a pencil and something hard to draw on.  I'll be up front using and overhead projector and several mega-effective group teaching strategies to take your students step-by-step through a series of whimsical, fun and educational drawings.

While drawing-along with me, your students will uncover dozens of drawing & creative thinking tips, tricks and techniques they apply immediately and can take back to the classroom later on.

Best Part? -- Each "secret" is a direct fulfillment of State Standards for Visual Arts.  Each assembly is jam packed with at least 8 and often 12-15 secrets that literally demonstrate, explain & solidify State Standards.

The BIG Secret -- Teachers love this assembly because everyone literally participates the entire time.  Not just a couple volunteers.  Everyone.  Exciting, yes.  But the BIGGEST secret of the show is that it focuses entirely on the kids.  The sense of accomplishment they get at the end of the show is extraordinary. 

Whether they're a raw-rookie when it comes to drawing, or a seasoned pro -- every student will be able to complete the drawings and take them home to show mom n' dad what they learned.

Grades: K-6


Kyle's Cartoon Platoon
Kyle Tiernan
(888) 299-2606 • San Diego: (858) 354-5883

E-mail: Kyle@DrawAlong.tv

Web Site: www.DrawAlongAssembly.com

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