Draw Along ART Assembly
Kyle Tiernan

Renegade Art Teacher

"Kyle’s draw-along assembly was BY FAR the best money we’ve ever spent on an assembly, especially considering every single student participates and produces artwork during the show. "
Tanya Bogdanovich - Palms Elementary, Los Angeles, CA

Kyle Tiernan: Kyle Tiernan has been performing educational and entertaining draw-along school assemblies since 2003. He's taught upwards of 1-Million Kids to draw with a phenomenally unique "draw-along" art assembly that teachers love, PTA's cheerfully invest in year after year, and Principal's consider the Gold Standard for school assemblies.

Description of programs:
These unusually effective ART assemblies are packed with Visual and Performing Arts Standards (covering both state and national content) and even have cross-curricular benefits to Common Core Math.

Each 48-minute draw-along assembly is based on tried and true, mega-effective group teaching strategies I've developed over the past 15 years to virtually guarantee every student's artistic self confidence soars to new heights by the end of the show.

Teachers love it because the kids actually get to do something during the assembly instead of just watching as a passive audience.

In fact, there's visual proof their classroom time was well used as each and every kiddo walks out at the end with 3 refrigerator-ready pieces of artwork they can take home to show mom and dad.

To get the full scoop on this art school assembly, visit my website by following the link below:

Grades: K-6

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Kyle Tiernan
(858) 254-5883

E-mail: Kyle@DrawAlong.tv

Web Site: www.DrawAlongAssembly.com

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