The Best Bubble Assembly

Experienced Bubblists

Bubble Learning education that is highly engaging, FUN and entertaining!

The Best Bubble Assembly: Our bubblists combine the art and science of soap bubbles into an assembly that delights kids of all ages. All Best Bubble Learning bubblists are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, have experience working with children, and are insured.

Description of program:
The Best Bubble Assembly provides a learning experience that is also a treat! Kids learn about scientific principles behind the make-up of soap bubbles. Terms they know are reinforced and new ideas are introduced in a way that is always age-appropriate (from preschool through grade-school)! all while being delighted by bubble visuals.

Some of the ideas we cover (and yes, appropriate to age!): surface tension, reflection, refraction, and fun and unusual shape names.

Grades: preK-6

Instructional Materials Available: Bubblist Science Kits

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Best Bubble Learning
Lyn Harper
PO Box 7091 Van Nuys, CA 91409
(818) 350-BUBL (2825)


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