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"I watched one of the best science assemblies I have ever seen...He used students from the audience to perform great experiments with items you would find around the house."
Glenda Wycoff, Principal, Leal Elementary, Cerritos, CA 

Rich Blagden: a graduate of USC and Pepperdine University, is an enthusiastic, entertaining, high-energy California Credentialed educator who enthralls thousands of students each year throughout southern California with his interactive assemblies. His programs engage students through sensory kinetics that result in cognitive bursts. 

 Rich Blagden emphasizes, "Children learn and remember through their experiences." utilizes common household objects to share science principles. This enables students to eagerly go back to class and home to replicate and build upon the experiments. Mr. Blagden shares with children, "Success is an experiment away!" The science principles shared during the STEM programs introduce, reinforce, and review science concepts being taught at the various grade levels while supporting NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). 

Additionally, Mr. Blagden has presented hands-on educator workshops for both the California Department of Education STEM Symposium, and the California Association of Bilingual Education (CABE) annual conventions. STEM is the gateway to English fluency. 

 Mr. Blagden declares that all the future achievements, discoveries, inventions, and solutions to our problems will come from, "Today's children, the most creative people on Earth!"

Description of programs: Interactive Assembly Programs

EXERCISING MINDS with STEM: Hands-on experiments that children can do to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) real, and easier to understand and fun to learn. Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them. This natural desire is the catalyst to promote STEM concepts and literacy. 

ACHIEVE: Analyze how an invisible force causes steel spheres to accelerate. Witness how sound vibrations move a ball and make cans scream. Fool your eyes with a banana. We´┐Żll test solubility of fossil based Styrofoam and renewable ecofoam. Watch water curve from centripetal force and golf balls float in water. 

ATMOSPHERE: May the force be with you: our atmosphere. Are you stronger than air? Can a bowling ball float? Learn about the layers of our atmosphere that surround and protect the Earth. Experience the wonders of atmospheric pressure in this active learning program. 

DISCOVER: Through the science of leverage, student volunteers will pick up classmates and their teachers with one hand. A bicycle wheel defies gravity while spinning suspended in the air. The Harry Potter invisibility cloak is no longer fiction, using light refraction the students learn how to make their own. A simple chemical reaction involving different densities creates a modern lava lamp. In addition, the students will discover the following: rotational energy, light photons, Magnus effect, angular momentum, linking clips and more. 

EXCITE: Get excited about Science. Enthusiastic children make great learners. This assembly excites the children's imagination and desire to learn about science. They see scientific principles in action using many household objects, everyday common items, to bring science alive. Children will go back to class, eager to learn more science. 

EXPLORE: Write your name with a rock, defy gravity with rising beads, and walk a pet can. Is this science or magic? Witness the laws of motion in action. Become a human magnet. Burn holes in paper without flames. Observe pasta hold up a bucket of sand. 

FLIGHT: The Science of Flight: From A to Z. What do airplanes and toilet paper have in common? Find out why birds walked (just kidding) until Daniel Bernoulli discovered the science of moving air by experimenting with water. Learn about the history and science of flight. You'll be carried up, up, and away by this interactive and educational assembly.

SCIENTIFIC METHOD: Think like a scientist. Investigating and experimentation come together using the Scientific Method! Your students will learn the steps involved in conducting experiments. Many exciting experiments will be shared with help from the young scientists in the audience.

Grades: TK-8
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